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The myth of a perfect season is persistent in the swimming and sports culture. All motivated athletes envision a practice season that flows seamlessly from great practices to even better ones. Once the perfect practice season is over, we see ourselves breaking our personal best and reaching our goals. However, the more experienced we become, the more apparent it becomes that a perfect season hardly ever comes around. We get the flu, study or work engagements forces us to miss practices, or even worse, our body betray´s us, and we get an injury. Still, perhaps brainwashed by reports of some athletes having “perfect” four year periods of practice we still believe that some day, stars will align, and we can hit it hard every day. And when that happens, the rest of the world will know of our potential.


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Ask yourself, what is it you want to achieve? What do you need to improve to get there? Define one thing that is the key for your success. How do you train that? If you were able to answer these questions, you have now identified the most important training method for you. Do it everyday you train. Put everything else to side or in maintenance mode and put all your energy in improving that one quality.