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Have you ever wanted to get more out of your practice? Does it feels like all the hours spent in the pool are not giving you the results you aspire? Unfortunately swimming in a group setting usually does not offer the individual attention needed to create a program that will work for you! Online coaching with Eetu is the answer. It is the next best thing to having Eetu be your private coach. Eetu has years of experience with online coaching and offers his expertise on biomechanics, sport physiology, sport psychology and program design to create a perfect swimming program for you. Every practice will be designed specifically towards the goals you have, whether they are maintaining fitness, improving swimming technique, competing in a swimming meet, open water competition or triathlon. All programs are created specifically for your needs and constantly updated to ensure your progress!! Premium coaching package gives you full attention from Eetu. Every practice is designed based on the feedback, and the plan is carefully followed up through testing and video feedback. This is the best way of improving your swimming talent, whatever your goal might be!

A premium online coaching package include:

  • Access to a 100+ videos on swimming technique, dryland training, nutrition, and lifestyle
  • Weekly testing protocols to follow improvement
  • Seasonal planning
  • Weekly programs individualized for you
  • Technical analysis of all the strokes every month
  • Weekly technical assistance through individualized videos created specifically for you
  • E-mail answer to any question in 24hours
  • One hour Skype or phone consulting/week
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What sports are about

The myth of a perfect season is persistent in the swimming and sports culture. All motivated athletes envision a practice season that flows seamlessly from great practices to even better ones. Once the perfect practice season is over, we see ourselves breaking our personal best and reaching our goals. However, the more experienced we become, the more apparent it becomes that a perfect season hardly ever comes around. We get the flu, study or work engagements forces us to miss practices, or even worse, our body betray´s us, and we get an injury. Still, perhaps brainwashed by reports of some athletes having “perfect” four year periods of practice we still believe that some day, stars will align, and we can hit it hard every day. And when that happens, the rest of the world will know of our potential.

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